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Free Credit 918Kiss Telegram Musselman will not face a fine 2019

With his players and bosses at his side in support, Sacramento Kings coach Eric Musselman gave his public apologizes at Arco Arena on Sunday after being arrested on a drunken driving charge. The tear-eyed coach addressed the media about his arrest before the team leave for an exhibition game against the New Orleans Hornets in Reno.

He explained that this event was an isolated incident for which he was taking full responsibility.

Kings owners Gavin and Joe Maloof, announced that they will not take any disciplinary actions against Musselman. It means that Free Credit 918Kiss Telegram Musselman will not face a fine or suspension from his bosses. However, if convicted of DWI charge, the coach could face a league suspension. Geoff Petrie, the Kings' president of basketball operations, explained that he left a message on Saturday for an attorney with the NBA right after Musselman called him about the arrest.

The 41-year-old coach was stopped by Police at 2:15 A.M on Saturday about 1.5 …
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